XFP loopback

XFP loopbackXFP Electrical Loopbacks from Eoptolink provides a method for port operation testing in board, hub, system and applications. The XFP Loopback supports various 10G application standards, it is capable of achieving up to 10Gbps data transfer rate. The dual integrated LED indicator light ensures the loopback is properly seated, powered and performance status. XFP Loopbacks are hot swappable, constructed of die cast for EMI performance. They are compliant with the industry standard XFP MSA (Multi-Source Agreement).



  • Support 9.95Gbps to 10.7Gbps data rate
  • Operating temperature -40C to +85°C
  • Front dual LED status indicator
  • 3W power consumption, 2.5W/2W/1.5W/ Customer optional
  • No reference clock required
  • Built-in digital diagnostic functions and memory organized to meet XFP MSA Ver4.5
  • Automatically shutdown & self-protection
  • Electrical loopback and with CDR version optional
  • Suitable for chamber testing

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