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Eoptolink has one of the biggest automatic TO packaging and testing lines in China to provide services for optoelectronics components companies. We have recruited the professional team members in this field with the best machines and devices in the world plus unique tooling that developed in house. Eoptolink is capable of providing very high precise packaging and testing services in high volumes.

The term Transistor Outline package (more commonly referred to as TO),always consists of two components: a TO header and a TO cap. While the TO header makes sure that the encapsulated components are provided with power, the cap ensures the smooth transmission of optical signals. This includes the transmitters (e.g. laser diodes) as well as the receivers of the optical signals (e.g. photodiodes).

The TO header provides a mechanical basis for the installation of electronic and optical components such as semiconductors, laser diodes or simple electronic circuits, while at the same time providing power to the encapsulated components with the aid of pins. Optical components in TO packages such as photodiodes and laser diodes are particularly susceptible to damage from their environment. Humidity in particular, can cause semiconductor elements to corrode rapidly, leading to failure of the entire component. This is why these TO header components require reliable and permanent protection.


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Part No. Wavelength Type Output Power Package Data Rate Application
ELF32NB-M1I1 1310 FP >6mW TO-56 2.5G p2p
ELF31WB-C2F1 1310 FP >8mW TO-56 2.5G EPON ONU
ELF3TNF-C1I1 1310 FP >6mW TO-56 10G LTE
ELF3TTF-C1I1 1310 FP >8mW TO-56 10G LTE
ELD424B-Y1G1 1490 DFB >6mW TO-56 2.5G EPON/GPON OLT
ELD32DB-C1F1 1310 DFB >8mW TO-56 2.5G GPON ONU
ELD32DB-Y1G1 1310 DFB >8mW TO-56 2.5G GPON ONU
ELDMT4F-O1C1 1510 DFB >6mW TO-56 10G p2p
ELD32NB-Y1G1 1310 DFB >6mW TO-56 2.5G p2p
ELD3WTM-M1C2 1310 DFB >6mW TO-56 25G p2p
ELD3TNF-C1F1 1310 DFB >6mW TO-56 10G p2p


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