CFP Loopback

CFP 40G Loopback

Eoptolink Electrical Loopback CFP EOLC-XLB-XX is used for testing CFP transceiver ports in board level test. The electrical loopback provides a cost effective low loss method for CFP port testing. EOLC-XLB-XX is packaged in a standard MSA housing compatible. Transmit data from the host is electrically routed, (internal to the loopback module), to the receive data outputs and back to the host. It provides an economical way to exercise CFP ports during R&D validation, production testing, and field testing. They are hot swappable, constructed of metal cast for excellent EMI performance.

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  • Operating temperature -40C to +85°C
  • Front dual LED status indicator
  • different power consumption options
  • Built-in digital diagnostic functions  
  • Automatically shutdown & self-protection
  • Suitable for chamber testing

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